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10 Tips to Selling Like a Pro

I recently did a speaking engagement for Western Washington University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation class. I am honored to give back to my alumni in such a way and would like to share some of those takeaways. Understanding your marketing and sales funnel is very important any businesses success. 

  1. Create awareness and interest in your product or service. This is beautiful lifestyle and product photos and videos, showcasing your portfolio and marketing. Marketing your product and services on your website, telling people about it via email, social and google ads etc. The goal is to stay top of mind.
  2. Know your target Demographic – who can afford you, what type of person wants or needs your product or service, where do they hang out, network there
  3. What problem does your product or service solve – I help businesses be the best version of themselves in a visual way. I help them look their part in their industry and help them drive sales for their products or services
  4. Why would someone buy your product or service - What sets it or you apart? Knowing your value props or benefits is super important. People hire me because I’m a bubbly, passionate, energetic person with an eye for design. I am also well versed in all things print and digital and my portfolio showcases that. I also add business strategy and knowledge, I am fast and efficient and never misses a deadline.
  5. Services– What do you offer them, be clear, give examples
  6. Now that you’ve created awareness and interest, you need to prove it to them before they might purchase – This is stats, awards and testimonies – always ask for a review and referral after every purchase or project 
  7. What to expect – Tell them about the experience they might have with the product, or process you will guide them through, be clear about next steps
  8. Close – sign on the dotted line. Ask questions around timeline, budget and goals. Always assume the sale.
  9. Create a network and never burn a bridge. Build report with people within and out of your industry. Genuinely care about their interests and family. I keep in touch with old colleagues and previous employers because you never know how it will come back around. Find other people within your industry but don’t do what you do. I network with marketers, developers, printers, photographers, copywriters and videographers. We all provide creative solutions but we stay in our lanes.
  10. Stay top of mind. Send newsletters, follow up on LinkedIn, and write thank you and holiday cards. Sending a hand-written thank you card after a project or now I send a branded shipper box with goodies. Even sending a notecard with the product shows that next level customer experience. 

Do you want to convert more prospects into sales? I’d love to help. Call or email today!

About the author

Amber Jacobs

I am a creative woman who has a passion for finding creative design solutions. I’ve worked in the industry for many years and have diverse experiences to help with every stage of the design and marketing process. Based in Seattle, I focus on coming up with creative and professional strategies and solutions for clients, and help them to connect with their audience in more effective ways. With a keen eye for detail and a creative mind, I offer the highest quality design and marketing services. I am also very passionate when it comes to connecting with people and trying new things. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or schedule your initial consultation today.