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As an architect, this client is inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He strives to create buildings with well defined geometric forms, open free flowing spaces, and clean minimal details. These modern attributes are complimented by warm, natural materials such as wood and stone. The colors in his logo are representative of the oranges in our magnificent sunsets and the warm earthen browns of our forest floors. Think craftsmanship, clean, and classic.


The Discovery phase allows me to discover and research companies in and out of the clients industry. This helps the client and I create a mood board and direction.


The next phase is sketching. I take pieces of what I like from the mood board and brief and begin sketching. We had a couple rounds in the sketching phase to find things the client liked.


Once the client has picked a few sketches they like I begin digitalizing. I discover fonts and bring my sketches to life.


After finding fonts and elements I like I begin pairing them together. The client and I at this point couldn’t figure out if we wanted to go with a clean san serif font or a slab serif font. We eventually went with the slab serif for the main name and a sans serif for the sub title. The client and I went back and forth over oranges with navy or red orange with gray.


After we deciding on a logo. I delivered the fonts and colors.