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CreativeMind Logo


CreativeMind offers an elevated personal growth system, developed by Debra Berndt Maldonado and Robert Maldonado, Ph.D., based on the latest research of consciousness, Jungian concepts, time-tested spiritual wisdom traditions, and the new findings in neuroscience. We train life coaches to become their most evolved and extraordinary selves through our transformational psycho-spiritual process and help them live their passion and share their wisdom.


Original Logo

CreativeMind's logo lacked balance and needed to feel more empowering, luxurious, inspirational, enlightened and wearable.

CreativeMind's original logo and website

Logo Activity

To help focus my logo solution efforts, I ask my clients to engage in a logo activity.

logo activity

Research - Competition

I have to get an idea of the industry before I can create a logo for them. I looked at the branding and messaging of their competition. 

Coach Training

Research - Method

CreativeMind uses Eastern Philosophy with Western Psychology to create courses that truly help people with fulfillment to achieve their goals. 

eastern religions, art and culture


Finally, I went out into the world to get inspired.

logo inspiration


With the thought of a logo refresh in mind, I presented sketches inspired by science, Eastern Religion and art.

creative mind logo symbol sketches

Digital Options

CreativeMind moved forward with the science lotus, abstract Hamas eye and a geometric OM symbol. I paired them with classic, beautiful fonts.

Creative Mind logo options


CreativeMind moved forward with the geometric OM symbol but wanted to see symbol and font refinements.

Creative Mind logo refinements

Color Options

I picked colors based on the knowledge of their target demographic. I wanted to pick options with a luxurious, high-end feel. I looked at feminine, skincare, earth and art inspired palettes. 

Creative Mind logo color options
Creative Mind logo color


We catered to the client's attention to detail by showing them additional color periwinkle combinations and ensuring the logo was geometrically perfect.

Creative Mind color options

Logo Solution

Together CreativeMind and I created a beautiful logo we will be proud to show off for years to come. 

Creative Mind logo solution

Program & Podcast Logo Additions

Next, we looked at spacing to add and create program and podcast logo additions. We settled on these colors and layouts.

Creative Mind Programs

Final Logo

The symbol is a modern geometric version of the OM symbol. The font pairs well by feeling grounded. The color pallet feels sophisticated and luxurious.  

CreativeMind Logo Solution