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Livingwell Bodyworks


Livingwell Bodyworks is a massage therapist and strength performance trainer. I wanted to combine Mel’s passion for powerlifting, the outdoors and her tagline “one step on your path to wellness”. Mel has been my massage therapist for about a year and know her fairly well and knew this would be a fun project for both of us.


I guided Mel to find examples of logos she liked and connected with. Then I expanded on her search to create clear direction for the her the owner and myself.


From this inspiration I sat down and drew for a while.

Font Discovery

After Mel picked a few sketches she liked I began looking for script and san serif fonts that had character and style.


I began tracking down and creating elements that would fit with the vision I had for her logo.


Bringing it all together. I combined the sketches, fonts and exploration to create some options for Mel.

Color Exploration

Once she picked a concept, I began looking at color combinations. She knew she wanted to stay with earth tones.

Logo Color Exploration

Here are some options I gave Mel to choose from.

Final Logo

Mel decided to go with a classic Pacific Northwest color palette.

Business Card

Livingwell Bodyworks needed professional business cards. We used a beautiful forest illustration on the back that will really build her brand.

Door Banner

We used the style of the logo and forest illustration to create her a custom door banner for her studio door that is in the lobby of a local crossfit gym.