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Mercutio and I are long time colleagues. The owner Jimmy and I have worked on a couple websites with Pointb together. We engaged eachother with a trade for work, I design and they develop both our needed portfolio websites. Mercutio is a rockstar developing, technology, strategy and e-commerce studio in Freamont, WA. They came to me with a new logo, color and fonts. I took where they were headed and made it visually come to life. launch website.


Jimmy the owner of Mercutio had a pretty good idea of how he wanted his website to be laid out. As a team we worked through different animations and functionalities he needed to show off his teams developing and technology capabilities.


I then came up with a concept that encompassed the brand tone he desired. I also gave recommendations on animations by giving examples for Mercutio's developers inspiration.


We launched March of 2016. Mercutio's site is fully responsive and has stellar animation sprinkled throughout the site. launch website.