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While working at SportsArt I art directed 4 promotional videos. I worked with the CEO at the time and the Product Developer to find our video production crew Pixel Bokeh whom then found the space and makeup artist for our 1 day shoot. I found talent, styled the talents clothing and helped coordinate the shoot. I later storyboarded the videos working with copy provide and worked with Pixel Bokeh on rounds of edits for their final production.


EcoPower is a system where a user creates utility grade energy while using a cycle or elliptical. That energy produced gets put back into the grid to offset the building's energy costs. Micro-inverters are housed inside the shroud and all you have to do is simply plug it into the wall. Watch the EcoPower Video


The Pinnacle is the only cross trainer that combines both linear and lateral motions, adjustable stride width, variable foot position and unique handle positioning for an unprecedented workout of infinite variety. Watch the Pinnacle Video

T675 Toughmill Treadmill

The T675 Treadmill offer a self-lubricating belt system, heavy duty frame with a sturdy running platform, an Energy Smartâ„¢ idle feature and a wide range of display and workout programs. Watch the Toughmill Treadmill Video


Before the 2016 Senza by SportsArt launch we needed to blow out the old inventory. We worked together to create this promotional video. Watch the Touchscreen Video