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This is a tool that allows the user who needs medical care to easily search for providers, identify average costs of procedures and read reviews. It will then allow them to communicate with the provider to get more information and estimates. Once the user chooses a provider, they are then presented with hotels, car rentals, transportation and airfare options like Expedia with the ability to book and get an itinerary. The logo needed to be simple, organic and shows movement, medical and positive energy.


But first we had to come up with a cleaver unused name. Se we went through many word mash ups and brain storm sessions. We finally decided on Travani.


Not that I had a name and direction from the owner. I was on the hunt for bird inspiration.


I sketched up a bunch of options and directions for and with the owner.


Once the client has picked a few sketches they like I begin digitalizing. I discover fonts and bring my sketches to life.


After finding fonts and elements I like I begin pairing them together.

Color Exploration

We explored many color options.


After we decided on a logo. I delivered the fonts and colors.

Business Cards

I then created several business card options for him to choose from.