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Videre Studios Logo


Videre Studios offers outdoor lifestyle landscape photography. Their mission is to inspire exploration of the natural world. They came to me wanting a new logo but being creatives themselves they had an idea of what they wanted along with color. We worked together to create a balanced, modern and timeless logo that combines Mt. Fuji and Videre which means "to see" in Latin.


Original Logo

Videre Studios' logo needed to look more premium and professional. They also wanted a symbol for watermark usage. They did not want the typical or expected photographer logo with any camera pieces.

Videre Studios' original logo and website

Client direction

The client gave me Mt. Fuji, Videre which means "to see", some fonts, colors and logos as inspiration and direction for me to begin the modified logo collaboration.

client direction


With these elements in mind; I still wanted to research how a camera and human eye works as it might inspire some concepts.

Camera Lens Eye Mt. Fuji research


I wanted to look at other logo symbols that use topographical, nature and mountain elements as inspiration.

logo inspiration


I was inspired by how the camera and human eye works. The reflections and mirroring that both use. I was also interested in using a non-typically or expect view of Mt. Fuji and use a topographical map instead.

Videre Studios logo concepts


Because they construct, consult and survey the earth for various construction solutions I wanted to explore "precision in nature". 

Videre Studios logo concepts

Color options

The client liked many of the font options. They selected a symbol and we paired it with a couple other wordmark options. The client went with a unique customized wordmark. They also gave me color direction, so I provided a few other variants based off it.

Videre Studios color options

Final Solution

This logo encapsulates everything the client envisioned; Mt. Fuji and reflection combined in a strong diamond shape with a unique wordmark.

Videre Studios modified logo process collaborative

Final logo

Together we created a logo they are very proud and excited to use. 

Videre Studios final logo landscape photographer